Monday, March 29, 2010

Hanging it up

I don't know about in your house, but my family doesn't like to hang up their jackets.  It is WAY to hard to open up the closet door, grab a hanger, put a jacket on it, then hang it back up and then close the closet door.

Whew!   That was hard just describing it!

I needed something that would actually make this task easy,  a no-brainer if you will, before we were buried under a mountain of outerwear.

So, over the winter I found a bunch old wooden "art:" pieces.  You know, the country type of stuff. 

I got this for two dollars.  It's  pretty......pretty ugly.   I had already started to prime it before I remembered to take a picture.

I then saw an unfinished shelf like you can get at your local craft stores.  The shelves are usually priced around fifteen dollars or so.  Mine was four bucks.

I had some molding left over from refinishing the basement, so I added that to make the back longer.

Then I painted the whole thing black, added hooks and Voila!

I took my Silhouette and cut some vinyl with our last name.  When I showed my husband, he asked what the number stood for.  I rolled my eyes and said think about it.  After five minutes of not getting it right, I said,"Duh, it's our wedding anniversary!"  He said, "Duh, no it's not!"  

He's right.  I had the wrong date.  Funny, huh? 

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is Here!

My apologizes for the absence.  With the weather turning warm, I have had a touch of spring fever.  Yesterday, we went out for a walk in the woods and found these.

Just a small little patch of teeny tiny daffodils that grew wild. Of course we had to pick some.

After a while a teeny tiny spider got on my daughter's hand.  Then the flower pickin' party was over.
It was fun while it lasted.  Now I have a lovely, teeny tiny bouquet in my kitchen.

I have done a few projects, but I will only show you one today.

Do you read Amy at The Red Chair Blog?  I love it.  Go over there when you get a chance.

Anyway, she has a table on her front porch that I fell in love with.  It is awesome! 

It took me about a month to find the right table at the right price, but one came up on Craig's List  last week.  It was bright red and only 10 dollars.  It was MINE!!

Ready to see it?


Isn't she a beauty?!?  I love it.  My husband even loves it.  I had to use Kilz primer to get rid of the bright red color. I then used a hi-gloss white spray paint for the legs and brushed 3 coats of chalkboard paint on top. 

I did the floral arrangement on the table.  I'm not very good at it, but it will do for now. 

I put my spring wreath on the door that I bought it at the end of season last year.  I just added a pretty green little bird.
TA-DA!  I don't know why I added a bird, 'cause we always have birds hiding in our wreaths.  They scare the crap out of me.  And they poop on my door.  Some days my door looks like a Jackson Pollack painting.  But not today!

So, a few weeks ago I won a prize from Finding Fabulous. The prize was a gift certificate by to an Etsy shop owned by One Cheap B*tch.  The shop is filled with a TON of beautiful things.   She even has some sachets that made it in the issue of Romantic Homes.  No joke.  Page 29.  On the bottom.  AWESOME!

It was impossible for me to pick out what I wanted.  It became sort of a joke with my husband.  Doesn't he know that important decisions like this take time?  I finally just gave up and asked her to send me a surprise package. 

Boy did I get a surprise package of CUTENESS!   Just look at it!

How great is all this?!?

The picture fame with sheet music.  I doubt I'll but a picture in it 'cause I love the look of the sheet music.

The three little tins with crowns and a piece of bling.  I think I'm going to stick a magnet on the back to but on my idea board.  I'll keep some of my craft supplies in them.

The linen ribbon with all the wonderful french stamps. It is heavenly.  My girls keep stealing it to put in their hair!

I love all of it!  I think you need some of these beauties in your home, dear readers. Go treat yourself to something beautiful in her shop.  You won't regret it!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My first award and I don't have a thing to wear!

First, I'd like to thank my parents for making me possible.  (Can anyone guess where that line is from?)


Second of all, a big Thank You to MisadventuresofMomof3 ! She is the wonderful blogger who gave me this glorious little ray of sunshine. If you haven't stopped by her blog, go now!  It's jammed packed with yummy recipes and give aways!

The rules are as follows.  (I have copied and pasted this from MisadventuresofMomof3, because that's how I roll.)

Rules: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So, I gladly accept this award.  As of this moment, I will have to award 15 other blogs tomorrow.  I have two crabby little girls that need to be put to sleep.  Not euthanized, mind you, but put in bed to go to sleep.  Please do not call CPS. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wanna see my stash??

I didn't get many things done this week.  I started many projects, but finished nothing.

I did go to thrift stores, antique malling (is that a word?) and Craig's list cavorting.  Wanna see?

Silver plated trays salt & pepper shakers, creamer and sugar.  Same pattern, different places.  Can you believe it?

A very loved or unloved baby cup.  It looked so sad sitting there.  I fell for it immediately.

Full size silver plated souvenir spoons.

So simple white ceramic gravy boat.  A whole quarter for this!

I loved the green of this little dish.  I had to grab it up.

These little cuties are made of tin. I'm guessing that they once held candy.
It's my 2nd favorite buy of the weekend.

These little baby shoes are my favorite!  How cute are these tiny things.
They are so small, I'm guessing that they are newborn,

How cute are these in the cloche?  I also bought the needlework table runner.

Now this was the biggest buy this weekend. I found this on Craig's list. You may want to grab a barf bag or bucket.

Wowza!  Ain't she UGLY?!   This will be my first furniture rehab.  I can't decide what color to paint it.
My husband wants black. I just know that green has got to go! 
What color do you think we should go with?
Tell me in the comments!