Monday, February 1, 2010

Lots of changes going on 'round here.

It's been quite busy here at the ol' hive.

We are in the process of remodeling the basement. We are putting an office/craft room for Steve and me. Yea!! I'm tired of making stuff on our kitchen table.
This is all of my craft stuff.  I have to dig around to find the things I need.

Look how big my part of the room is!   

There is also going to be a HUGE room for a kids playroom. Double Yea! I'm tired of my living room looking like a daycare.

My oldest daughter, Harper, loves to paint and draw.  Normally she scribbles things, but this week she drew an actual person.

She drew her daddy.

I was told that children draw how they percieve things.  Look how big his mouth is!  The funny part is that I'm the loud one in the family.

We also had some snow.  It was Hadley's first time out playing on a cold blustery day.

She didn't like it much.
Friday the girls go to school and I get the day off.  I went thrifting and found some treasures.  I'll show you some of the great finds I got in a later post.

I also started a few projects but only finished one.  It was a no brainer. 

My husband is very disorganized, especially in the morning.  He usually leaves the house and comes back in 2 or 3 times to get things he forgets.  I thought he needed a little special place to put his wallet, keys, ID badge etc.

I bought this on sale at Hobby Lobby for $3

Cute. Not my style. 

and took my Mod Podge and Silhouette SD machine and turned it into this.
Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezey!

I have some other things but I'll post later this week.

Here's a  little sneek peek.


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  1. Lol about the drawing about her daddy. ;)

    Love the new look of the tray!

  2. I love it. So cute. My parents have a picture of me the first time I was in snow. My
    Dad took me on a sled ride and I fell off the sled. I wasn't hurt but I looked down and couldn;t see my feet and thought I had lost them.



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